All hail the brick-phone



cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER


The fucking sound he makes kills me every time


[Trap] - Muzzy - Insignia [Monstercat Release]


Pegboard Nerds - BadBoi 

I do not own this song.


Polarwolf oder Weißwolf (Canis lupus arctos) (by Mladen Janjetovic)

dejar Escultura II o no dejar Escultura II, he ahi el dilema(?)


3 Chibi commissions open!

+ $10 for extra characters, added to any category of above

yep, I’m opening some commissions to test waters and because I need some money to buy supplies for my uni work ;u;

-You must pay me before I start drawing
-Payments are made via Paypal
-The art is for private use only, not for commercial use. You can post it on your personal sites as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
-Be patient, depending on the complexity of the character it will take me more or less days to draw it (estimated time: one week)
-No refunds after I finished the drawing
-I have the right to upload the drawing to my gallery/portfolio and/or use it to promote my work (I will give the proper credits every time)
-I will draw nearly everything! You can ask about specific topics and we can discuss if I’ll be willing to draw them or not

How it works:
-Send me a note at deviantart, drop an ask here or e-mail me at cbgilustraciones[@] with the following info:
 ·Type of commission: chibi sketch/chibi lineart/chibi base colors
 ·References of the character: I will only accept petitions with images as references for now, the more clearer, the better
 ·Your Paypal adress (and your tumblr/deviantart username if you’re e-mailing me) so I know how to recognise your payment
-You may send your payment to cbgilustraciones[@] (don’t forget to add your username so I can identify you!) only after I answer you, and as soon as the payment arrives I will start working on your commission

What you get:
-A 300 dpi .png file of your commission (only digital files for now, I’ll see if I offer prints in the future)

Slots open:
1 Chibi Sketch - AVAILABLE
1 Chibi Lineart - AVAILABLE
1 Chibi Base Colors - AVAILABLE

commission me pls! QuQ♥